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Franchise Request

Y Screens brings a paradigm shift in Entertainment & Shopping industry. With its brand name " YSTD CENTRE ". These centres would include mini cinema theatres (Y Screens), MeeSeva centres, food courts, cyber cafes, help centres and incubation front office besides a few other facilities. Y Screen Trade Development Centre (YSTD) offering franchises at PAN India level.

You will be charged 1000 INR to submit your Y Screens (YSTD Centre) franchise request.

Why do we charge?

Franchise request charges will include following things.

  • 1. After we receive a franchise request, we will prepare a detailed internal report of your land. We include geographic, psychographic and other valuable factors in this report.
  • 2. Our field & architect team will personally visit your site.
  • 3. After site visit, we analyze potentiality of your land based on numerous factors and we will get back to you with all details of possibility of franchise.
  • 4. To prevent fake enquires and encourage genuine franchise requests.

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